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VMworld 2018 - Wednesday

Hello guys! Today was the third day of VMworld 2018 and probably the last one with really relevant news, since today we have the closing party at night and tomorrow the event goes only until the 14h with the last sessions and the last keynote. I was unable to attend the Veeam session as expected

VMworld 2018 - Tuesday

Hello guys! Today was the second day of VMworld. This time the keynote was a bit different, the second day always has some interviews with some interviews with VMware customers presented by Sanjay Poonen. The subject this time was the Digital Transformation in the companies. The most anticipated of this keynote was the

VMworld 2018 - Monday

Hello guys! Today officially started VMworld 2018. Although the event starts on Sunday, it is on Monday that we have Pet Galsinger's first keynote on VMware news. I followed the keynote of VM Village where it is more comfortable and we have easy access to the Wi-Fi to follow the news and Twitter that in this

Troubleshooting Tips

Hello guys! Every day in the Telegram groups on technical discussions ( there are many people with different problems asking for help. We always try to help, but I realize that few know how to deal with a problem. How to do a troubleshooting to find out the cause and solution of a problem? Thinking about it, I decided to write
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