Released Vembu BDR Suite 3.9.1

Hello guys.

Today is a post just to let you know that the new version of Vembu BDR Suite 3.9.1 was released by Vembu this week. The biggest difference of this new version was the addition of a new licensing model, the Standard version.

Before this version Vembu BDR Suite has only two versions:

  • Free - Version with limited backup for up to 3 VMs and no replication option;
  • Enterprise - Version with all the functions of backup and replication.

Now, with the Standard version, we have an intermediate version that has all the functions of backup, but does not have functions for replicas of virtual machines. For small businesses that do not require replication of their VMs this is a good licensing option.

The most interesting thing about this new version is that the restriction is just the replication function. You can use any type of repository with the Standard version that you would use with the Enterprise version, and all the functions of backup and restore bobs are still available.

For more details on the difference between the versions you can download a PDF file on the Vembu website which details the difference between the Free, Standard and Enterprise versions by clicking HERE.

Now about the licensing of paid versions, obviously the Standard version is cheaper and fits better into the small business budget. Vembu has always been licensed per physical processor from the host hosting its VMs. That is, if you have a server with two physical processors, you need two licenses to license this host, regardless of how many colors each processor has.

Prices for VMware environments at the time of this post are as follows:

There is even a promotion if you buy a bundle of 6 licenses you get 50% discount on the value of the licenses, ie it is in a very interesting value.

For more details on Vembu BDR Suite prices click HERE.

See you soon!

Post sponsored by partner Vembu Technologies.

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