Creating VMDK via command line

Hello guys! I have sometimes had to create larger disks than 2TB on ESXi 5.5 and 6 in a standalone environment, without vCenter. Although in the Web Client version this possibility already exists, I have always liked to use command lines when possible. I use a lot of vSphere Power CLI. The tool is free, it is only

VMUG SP back to active!

Hello guys! For those who do not know, VMware has a program to encourage the community to share knowledge and promote integration, it's called VMware User Group (VMUG). The program exists worldwide and in the last year was created the VMUG SP for the community of São Paulo using VMware. I had the opportunity to

Use Ravello Systems for your labs!

Hello guys! In my incessant search for a place in the cloud to create my labs I came across Ravello Systems. Ravello is a company specializing in providing workload in the cloud for labs, virtual training and DEV environment where exceptional performance is not required. You only need a resource to create


Hello guys! My name is Wesley Martins Silva and I'm starting a personal technical blog to spread my experiences with IT. I have worked with infrastructure for about 10 years, I was a Support Analyst, Consultant and today I am a Network Analyst in a large financial sector company. I have two goals with the blog: