Technical Book Tips

Hello guys! I always liked to read, I was literate with the help of Monica's Class, so comics and books were always present in my life. In my professional life is no different, I love reading articles on blogs and technical books. Nowadays we have many videos available on books subjects

VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage - Stanly Community College

Olá, pessoal! Há alguns meses eu vinha procurando locais para fazer o curso do VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage em São Paulo para preencher os pré-requisitos necessários para fazer a prova e tirar a certificação VCP-DCV. A VMware exige que você faça o curso para garantir que você possui os conhecimentos mínimos necessário para ter a certificação,

Avell Titanium W1513 - Review

A few years ago I decided to give up my notebook. It was an ASUS i5, very good, but it did not work. The battery was already and had only 8GB memory support. When I decided to give it up, I went back to the traditional desktop I always had because I usually play on the PC. However, the notebook was always lacking
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