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Released Vembu BDR Suite 3.9.1

Hello guys. Today is a post just to let you know that the new version of Vembu BDR Suite 3.9.1 was released by Vembu this week. The biggest difference of this new version was the addition of a new licensing model, the Standard version. Before this version Vembu BDR Suite has only two versions: Free -

Vembu - Physical Machine Backup

Hello guys. Continuing the series on Vembu, it is also possible to back up physical machines. With the installation of an agent in the workstation it is possible to make full and incremental backups and have the restore options as if it were a virtual machine, facilitating the backup of legacy environments where it was not

Vembu - File Level Restore

Hello guys! Today I will demonstrate how to perform a file-level restore in Vembu through a disk backup of an ESXi VM. This type of restore is widely used when we have daily backups of file servers and we need to recover a deleted or improperly modified file by the user. Starting from our

Vembu - Installing Vembu BDR Server 3.9

Hello guys! Starting a series of articles about Vembu, I intend to demonstrate the Vembu BDR Server installation today. For those who do not know, Vembu is a backup, replication and disaster revocation solution that enables you to backup and replicate virtual machines in an ESXi or Hyper-V virtualized environment. In addition,
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