Veeam Backup Enteprise Manager - Introduction and Installation

Hello guys!

If you have any version of Veeam with some licensing level, you can use Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager to manage your Jobs. In a large environment where we have several Veeam servers the Enteprise Manager helps a lot in the management and verification of the status of your backup and replication jobs all through a clean and easy to use web console.

Some features available with Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager:

  • Centralized license management of all your Veeam servers;
  • Centralized management of all Jobs on your Veeam servers;
  • Verification of reports of all Jobs in a single console;
  • Search for VMs and guest files in the backup and replica Jobs across the environment;
  • Perform VM restore operations, including 1-Click-Restore, through a single console.

For other features you can check by clicking HERE.

How it works?

To generate all the information and manage the Veeam servers, the Enterprise Manager searches for this data through a data collection job. This job goes to all the Veeam servers that have been added to the Enteprise Manager and brings the information of the backup and replica jobs, machines processed in those Jobs, and other data available in the configuration database of those servers.

The information collected is stored in the Enteprise Manager database and is available for use by any administrator who logs on to the web interface.

Through the web interface you can change settings of existing jobs, manage the license and other tasks. When any changes are made through Enterprise Manager these changes are sent to the Veeam server in question and written to the configuration database.

The following is the simplified communications architecture involved:


Before starting the installation, check the prerequisites by clicking HERE.

The installation process is quite simple. The Veeam Enteprise Manager installer comes with the Veeam Backup & Replication installation ISO. Click the Enteprise Manager option to start the installation.

Accept the license terms.

Choose the Veeam license.

Select the components to install.

Click "Install" to install all the prerequisites for installing Enterprise Manager.

If necessary, change the default port and installation path settings. Click "Install" to begin the installation.

After installation click "Finish".

With this, the Veeam Backup Enteprise Manager is already installed and ready for use.

See you soon!

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