Vembu - Physical Machine Backup

Hello guys.

Continuing the series on Vembu, it is also possible to back up physical machines. With the installation of an agent on the workstation it is possible to make full and incremental backups and have the restore options as if it were a virtual machine, making it easier to backup legacy environments where it was not possible to virtualize.

Before starting, it is necessary to pay attention to some prerequisites for installing the Vembu Integration Service, responsible for performing the backup and communicating with Vembu BDR Server:

  • The Vembu Server BDR service must be running with an account that has administrative access on the stations you want to back up.
  • The Remote Registry service must be started on the workstation.
  • The Windows Remote Management service must be started on the workstation.
  • Enable Powershell Remoting (follow this KB from Vembu)

After performing these procedures we can go to the backup section, click on "Microsoft Windows" and then on "Add Microsoft Windows Host". Fill in the required information and click "Save". The user must have administrative access on the machine where Vembu Integration Services will be installed.

After a few minutes the machine will be added successfully.

To create the backup, just like the other times, click "Backup" on the workstation. Soon on the first screen we will be informed that it is necessary to install the Vembu ImageBackup Driver in the destination station to create our job. The installation of this component is necessary so that Vembu can create the image of the station and use the CBT to create incremental backups. Click "Click to install Drivers" to begin the installation. The destination station will be restarted after installation.

After installation we can go back to the section for creating the backup. In "Choose disk (s) / driver (s) we can choose which drives we want to add to the backup. In my case I want to add all drives to have a backup of the entire machine. Click "Next" to proceed.

We can choose the "Applicaton Aware" options if there is any application on this machine that needs to be prepared for backup. Choose the options that best suit your environment and click "Next".

In the next screen we can choose the scheduling options of the job.

And also if we want to perform additional full backups.

In the next screen we must define the retention points for this job.

And also in which repository we will store the backup and if we want this backup to be encrypted.

Finally, give a name for the job, review the options chosen and click on "Save the backup".

By clicking on the green arrow in "Report" we can follow the progress of the job.

Wait for the job to finish.

After you finish, we can click on the "Reports" icon to check the result of the backup.

That's it, everybody!

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