Vembu - Replicating VMs between ESXi hosts

Hello guys!

Continuing the series on Vembu, I will demonstrate in this post how to create replicas of VMs in your ESXi environment from one host to another. It is a way to ensure that you have a copy of a VM in case of a disaster where you completely lose the source host. This ensures that you can restore the environment as quickly as possible, causing less impact to the business.

In this lab environment I have a vCenter with two Data Centers: MTR (Matrix) and STB (Site Backup). In MTR I own a cluster with three hosts that would be to simulate my production. In the STB cluster I have a single host that will receive my replicas.

The goal is to create a replica of the WKS01 VM for the esx04 host. Imagine that these two data centers are geographically separate locations.

When logging into the Vembu console, go to the "VM Replication" tab. Click "VM Replication" to start the replica job creation wizard.

In the first screen we will select the VM (s) that we wish to replicate. As well as the backup job, here also applies to disc deletion if necessary. Select the VMs and click "Next."

The replica job also applies to "Application Aware" settings. Select what you need for your environment and click "Next" to proceed.

In the next screen we can select the scheduling of our job. Select the one that best suits your environment and click "Next".

Next to it we must choose the destination host of our replica, the destination datastore, the suffix that will be added to the VM name, and how many retention points you want to leave in the replica. Each retention point, in fact, is a snapshot on the replica and a point you can get back from the VM when you need it. Choose the best options for your environment and click "Next".

In the next screen we can choose in which Port Group the VM must be connected in the destination host. In my environment I have the same Port Group with the same name in all ESXi. Configure as necessary for your environment and click "Next."

On the next screen, if your network backup address differs from your primary site on your site, you can change it in this step by choosing the "Network Re-IP Mapping" option.

Click "Add Rule" to create a new IP addressing rule.

After creating the rules click "Save" and "Next" to proceed.

Finally define a name for the replica job, review the settings and click "Save Replication". If necessary you can choose to check the option "Run this job immediately after saving this configuration" to start the job at the time of its creation.

By clicking on the green arrow in the "Status" column we can follow the progress of the job.

After the job is finished, we can see the result by clicking on the icon in the "Reports" column.

In vCenter we can already see that a new VM was created with the name WKS01_Replica.

Checking the snapshots, we will see that it is a snapshot created by Vembu. For each retention point, a new snapshot will be created. When it reaches the number delimited in the job (in this case only 2) the oldest number is deleted and we will always have two retention points.

That's it, folks.

I hope the post can help anyone who plans to create replica jobs using Vembu.

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