VMword 2018 - Blogger Pass and vBrownBag Teck Talks

Hello guys!

Last year I had the opportunity to participate in VMworld 2017. It was an incredible experience that I told a little HERE. Even though it was a really cool experience, it would be difficult to go again this year due to the cost of the hotel + passage, so it was not that exciting. But there were two very cool opportunities that changed that scenario.

I was awarded a Blogger Pass through VMware to cover the event. The official announcement came last week and you can see all the bloggers who received the invitation HERE. In addition to me, the Tarsio Moraes, Ricardo Conzatti e Rodrigo Rovere are the Brazilians who received the blogger pass.

Even then, there would still be hotel and passage costs that are quite heavy, so there was another incredible opportunity to participate as a member of the organization. VBrownBag Tech Talks at VMworld. I've talked about vBrownBag countless times here. We have our show in Brazil that happens every second to 21h and we are always spreading the news in social networks. Tech Talks is a vBrownBag initiative to create a site that people in the community can speak to within the event. It is smaller, but more inviting and less oppressive than an official VMworld talk, as well as being a great starting point for gaining experience in technical lectures. Last year I was Valdecir Carvalho we talked about Teck Talks from VMworld 2017 about vExpert program
and it was a super cool experience.

This time I will be a member of the organization along with Ricardo Conzatti e Tarsio Moraes, so I'll help record and prepare the lectures during VMworld days and I'm sure it will be as rewarding as lecturing. And with that, I got the sponsorship for the trip and lodging. It's crazy to think that two years ago I did not even think I could participate in this kind of thing, even though the will always existed I did not know where to start and one thing led to another.

As always, I have to thank my friends. Valdecir Carvalho e Ricardo Conzatti who are on a daily basis in this battle to expand vBrownBag Brazil more and more. And all this only comes back to the fact that sometimes it works to help people. I set up the blog because it was always something I wanted, but I did not think I would gain any benefit from it and now I see everything coming back as great opportunities.

VBrownBag Teck Talks will be recorded and posted on Youtube almost immediately after each talk, then check the channel during the days of VMworld 2018 (26 / 08 to 30 / 08).

And let's do the vBrownBag Brasil to grow even more in our country. We always need help and people to talk. Everyone has a story to tell, no one knows everything, look us up on social networks or contact the site.

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